Hana Kimura Memorial Tribute

Hana Kimura Memorial Tribute
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Hey guys, this is the Hana Kimura memorial tribute video that was intentionally suppose to play after Shad's. Once again this is to commemorate and showcase the legacy she left behind on this earth. Like Shad Gaspard's, this was suppose to come out many days ago, but unfortunately due to copyright with Shad's video it was taken down... So as a result this was split apart from his. Making this was both physically and emotionally tough as the news of Hana Kimura came out so suddenly and it was during when I was working on multiple other projects.

Here are my further thoughts I need to vent/establish with this:
As if the passing of Shad Gaspard wasn't hard enough, news broke out about Hana Kimura's death by suicide. Now this one made me incredibly shaken, upset and more so angry. As the reasoning of her death was due to unnecessary and unspeakable online cyber-bullying that understandably overwhelmed her. Now even though I only started watching her and her team since 2019, my fondness for the Tokyo Cyber Squad faction grew quick as soon as I started watching their matches and promos with the members together. It became clear to me that they were are a unique, entertaining and talented cast of individuals that had so much potential achieving even more goals with their whole lives ahead of them. The more I learned about Hana Kimura's struggles with depression during her youth, the more I got upset as I struggled with dark places in my life too, and it could have been me in that position if I'm not too careful. The only thing I could take away is that I just wished somehow, someway, her passing could have been prevented and not end the way it did. But now, only thing we can do is for us to remember all the things she has achieved in such a short amount of time and being one of the leading stars that helped elevate women's wrestling in the modern era. Let's remember her for the journey and not the end.

As if it's not already obvious, I'm still saddened knowing about both their deaths and since everyone has done their part paying their well-deserved respects, the least I can do is to commemorate some of my favorite moments that I could find of them and bring it together into one. Hopefully this will give people who aren't familiar with wrestling a good glimpse of the lives and iconic careers they had.

Thank you Shad Gaspard & Hana Kimura for putting on performances the whole world to enjoy for generations onward. Gone but never forgotten.

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