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Pneumonia, which occurs when a new type of coronavirus infection becomes severe.The relationship between severely ill patients and smoking (tobacco) is now known.The details were explained by Professor Inufusa.

Characteristics of the new coronavirus infection from Wuhan
Trends in critically ill patients in Korea and Italy
WHO recommends smoking cessation.
Coronavirus pneumonia is an interstitial pneumonia
Health hazard of tobacco and oxidative stress caused by acetaldehyde
A paper on acetaldehyde secretion in saliva by smoking
When did you start measuring trace acetaldehyde?
Interstitial pneumonia is more susceptible to lung cancer.
How to reduce oxidative stress

[Profile] Haruhiko Inufusa
Specially Appointed Professor, Division of Antioxidant Research, Cooperative Research Department, Center for Science and Technology, Gifu University
Antioxidant Laboratory, Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

Born in 1957, Okayama Prefecture
After graduating from Kinki University School of Medicine, he completed the Graduate School of Surgery at Kinki University School of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine, Kinki University).
After that, he became a professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine, Kinki University School of Medicine and a visiting professor at the European Telesurgery Institute, University of Strasbourg.
He has been a visiting professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Barcelona, Spain, and has been in his current position since 2013.

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